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The Western Australian Sexology Society (WASS) is an organisation dedicated to the study, understanding, education, enhancement and community acceptance of the diversity of human sexuality, [See latest declaration of Universal Sexual Rights 1999].

WASS is based in Perth, Australia and has been operating within its current structure since 1986, though there has been a sexology organisation in Perth since 1979.

Sexology simply means the study, understanding and education of sexuality.

WASS is based on the principles of the dignity and worth of the individual. WASS believe that any form of sexual expression between consenting adults is acceptable and that any person, regardless of orientation, has the right to enjoy their own sexuality whilst recognising and respecting the rights of other people.

WASS is committed to the development of self, positive sexuality, to increasing social awareness of sexuality and maintaining high ethical standards of services

Sexuality is an all-encompassing state of being where through biological, cultural, environmental, spiritual and social influences we develop a self-concept from which we express ourselves.

WASS is a member of the World Association of Sexual Health and other relevant organisations.

At this site you will find information on the Society, seminars and events to be conducted, membership information, some information on research conducted within sexology and links to many other similar sites.

Please take your time to look around and if you like the idea of belonging to a sexology network and professional organisation apply for membership and get involved in what you are interested in.

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